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Great food is what brings us together, puts a smile on your face and a warmth in soul. But let’s be real. Whipping up a great meal in no time isn’t easy­. That’s what we set out to change.

Food that’s worth gathering around isn’t just for culinary elite. From first-time cook to no-time Nancy, we all deserve to sit and enjoy a good meal. That is why we partnered with professional chefs to create delicious, easy products for our Thomas Farms Kitchen brand.

We have taken influence from chefs and farmers alike to shape our truly unique food philosophy. We believe simplicity matters as much as quality.

Thomas Farms Kitchen takes pride in sourcing only the best so you can take pride in serving it. To us, making the most of every natural ingredient means recipes full of life and flavor. And, of course, happy stomachs.

All of our recipes are designed with simplicity in mind. And simplicity starts with fresh ingredients.

We skip out on artificial preservatives and other unnecessary harmful chemicals. That’s because we believe in food. Real food without all the junk we see too much of these days.

Long story short, we stick to the good stuff—sustainable beef from Australia and other meats from places where grass is plentiful and the climate is temperate. It’s our belief that you should know where your food comes from and how your ingredients are sourced and produced.

It’s the planet that provides us with a rich natural food source, and that’s why sustainability always comes first. Using ethical farming practices and natural ingredients, we believe great food doesn’t have to come at the expense of the environment.

Cooking delicious, wholesome, well-balanced food doesn’t have to be complicated. Or stressful. Or messy. Or all of the other things it usually is. That’s why all of our products come conveniently prepared for you, spices and all. They’re ready to be cooked as is. Simply follow the recipes developed by chefs or try your own variation and you’ll be enjoying professional cooking in no time.

We do everything we can to provide you with the best products possible. Quality food is important to us, and a simple delicious meal is something we want to share with everyone. So, gather up the ones you love and find the joy in cooking with Thomas Farms Kitchen.